1. Remember Me

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Destroy the False Idols


Smash eight False Idols of the Gnoll and Sprog tribes.


These heathens still insist that they are the “chosen ones” and refuse the light of compassion Ouroban offers. We must remove some of these so-called gods they worship: large rocks and strange idols. Perhaps then they will realize that these false deities will not be coming to save them from the fires of judgment. Take this hammer, the Blessed Sundering and use it on their “magic rocks” to destroy them. Glory to the Circle my friend, show them that mercy is earned through sacrifice.
No tree or rock can aid someone, regardless of how much they wish it so.
Outstanding work Traveler, you have done well. Now for the final task at hand.


  • None


  • 3100 experience
  • 30
Quest Facts

- Level: 6
- Requires level 5
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


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  3. Destroy the False Idols
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